Welcome to my page!

I have been growing cacti for more than 20 years and as every cacti grower, I have come to like some of the genera more than the others. I focus on termophilic genera from the Central and South America such as Melocactus. I consider myself no expert, I am an amateur cacti grower – I grow them, plant them and learn from my mistakes. I would like to share my experience with growing this beautiful, interesting genus in the Growing tab.

Semená melocactusu

Every year, I look for new sources of seeds and regularly plant them. The surplus of seedlings can be bought in the Surplus Offer tab. This list is designed for experts who can appreciate the diversity of the offer with specified locations of the original plants. All the seedlings come from my own seeds or from the suppliers of European collections. I sell the plants under the names I bought them, so there is no 100 % guarantee they are correctly classified. However, I think the beauty of the plant is more important than any label.

Melocactus perezassoi Melocactus perezassoi